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December 19, 2008


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Vexels and Vectors

Since this Sunday is my 22nd birthday I'm giving YOU a present! My favorite style of art is vexels and vectors! So, I have gathered up some of the very best vexel, vectors AND vexel/vector tutorials!

I know the serious work, patience and time that goes into making a really good vector or vexel! I commend you all for you patience because I just don't have it! :rofl: I have been working on my vexel skills over the past few months so hopefully one day I too will be able to make great vexels and vectors! BUT, NOT TODAY! :rofl: So, for now I'll just look at YOUR amazing works! :D

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Amy Lee by AMoN-KiKiiLL Practica Final by AMoN-KiKiiLL :thumb77967571: Cute Girl by AMoN-KiKiiLL Soulmate by elminavilo :thumb63067052: :thumb96236884: G o r g e o u s by DeviantJC :thumb62520259: Scarlett Johansson by TammySue i love winter - mug by omblaythezvee Groovy o.O by Choiseul .soundwave. by rosychan OMG. by ohparapraxia outta my head by ash-becca my HEART beats still by hengie .: GEMS :. by hengie SUMMER by AstridT I believe in you and me. by ohparapraxia Miyavi by Katala Snow Angel by shebid xxx THE DARK TWINS xxx by jaalondon catching snowflakes by ash-becca Audrey Kitching by T42 texture. by girlmarvel :thumb76774531: :thumb98550247: :thumb98648376: Gwyneth by jussta juicy by jussta Little Miss Cute by jussta Hypnotic by jussta Miss you like crazy by jussta Chicken on the run by jussta Disco baby by jussta Moonblossom '07 by Mirabel Cherry pop by jussta Bullet time by jussta Nymph by jussta Andrea by jussta I look good in pink by jussta Zebras have more fun by jussta Let's drink by jussta The Sweetest Taste by hengie Three Drunken Girls on a Couch by rosalarian Vectoria by OhAnneli e y e . by intoyourheart :thumb30261365: :thumb76847196: :thumb88809404: Purple hair - Bipasha Basu by mstrueblue Technolust: by Mirabel Aeon by jussta purple by AstridT Jamie-Lynn Spears by Winterof87 vexel_ Lin Jun Jie 01 by neffy The Other Side by Maksalicious thinking of you by Maksalicious Don't be so Coy by outdream Octowoman by LeinDesign Cowboy by LeinDesign little thought by elvyDramileth Retro Rays by SoftSpirit118 :thumb89315055: :thumb91486056: :thumb92254396: I spy.. by Maksalicious :thumb27756859: :thumb56470717: Kiss by AstridT end of the world party. by intoyourheart Emotionless by Aegis-Illustration Heartbreaker by outdream Something Optimistic by manitu Listen by LeinDesign Scene it? by elvyDramileth Orange Plectrum by donbenni :thumb57235494: Gotta Love the Foo by SoftSpirit118 :thumb92490879: :thumb78872959: In My Own Time by hinnie Random Model by ChewedKandi Scarlet by eileenirma Sanitation vs Sanity by eileenirma Sanitation vs Sanity II by eileenirma Melissa Theuriau by eileenirma :thumb44704964: :thumb76342136: :thumb76306980: Summertime by kaarolcia Tommy Girl by kaarolcia Gwen Stefani by kaarolcia Michelle Branch by kaarolcia Tami-chan by kaarolcia Pullip by kaarolcia Memory by kaarolcia She is like the wind... by kaarolcia Eternal Flame by kaarolcia Shyness by kioshima Kawaiinagao by kioshima Jolie by kioshima Let me look at myself by kioshima Nana by Soop4evah Evangeline Lily by Soop4evah Rihanna - Umbrella by Soop4evah Shiri Appleby by Soop4evah Emo Stereotypes by Soop4evah Song Hye Kyo by Soop4evah Hero Jaejoong by Soop4evah Colors by Soop4evah Skye Sweetnam by Soop4evah Satisfy Me by toxicdesire 7 Deadly Sins : Vanity by toxicdesire Delta Goodrem by toxicdesire Ice Witch by toxicdesire :thumb49192376: serene by intoyourheart to dream of caramel... by intoyourheart sunbeam, stop tugging me. by intoyourheart ashes to ashes. by intoyourheart let me know. by intoyourheart :thumb58838312: :thumb59207427: :thumb63640619: Hanna Beth Vexel 2 by rockable Dakota Rose Vexel by rockable My First by eileenirma Yuna - FFX-2 by kaytii :thumb76305577: :thumb44275003: Courtney Love by kaarolcia her Candy World by kioshima Rihanna by Soop4evah I will keep my head down by AstridT Conor Oberst by ChewedKandi Hold on to Me by shebid Christina Aguilera by toxicdesire :thumb85955672: make a secret by intoyourheart Connelly by Lestatslover84 Into My Soul by Lestatslover84 The truth is hidden by Lestatslover84 Zooey by Lestatslover84 In The Zone: Part 1 by Sewwy In The Zone: Part 3 by Sewwy Aesthetics by Sewwy Christina Applegate by Joaris333 . . .and they called her Eve by Joaris333 Have you met Miss Jones? by ImNotDead :thumb44788630: :thumb54504450: :thumb56046594: Parisian Sky by ImNotDead Bad Girl at Night by ImNotDead Girl Overboard by ImNotDead :thumb57737290: :thumb79399276: Forgive Me by ImNotDead WOW by ImNotDead :thumb87714364: :::JE T'AIME::: by jaalondon I AM SEXY by jaalondon GIMME A HEART by jaalondon Trio by Placidus-Sinistra :thumb28298970: Rebirth by shebid Alicia Moore - Pink Collab by Joaris333 The Summer's Out Of Reach by Sewwy Thaaw by AndersonMathias Our Earthly Pleasure by ImNotDead +++FEEL THE MUSIC+++ by jaalondon :thumb35404569: Miss Me by Lestatslover84 Christina Desktop by shebid Hikari by shebid Candycorn Nightmare by shebid Postcard from Nowhere - Wall by manitu Girl 03 by manitu silent Scream by manitu she's a marsmallow by o0tingeling0o Britney Spears - Toxic by pure-andrea Alicia Keys by pure-andrea Arrowhead by pure-andrea X0X0 by x0x0ashley love by RARR112 Angelina Jolie - by vinnyvieira Angelina Jolie 4 by vinnyvieira Halle Berry by vinnyvieira Raquel Felix by vinnyvieira Enemy Of The State by shebid Britney Spears by o0tingeling0o Polka Dots by AstridT Too bad. by pure-andrea Rihanna by x0x0ashley Icon. by flipflow89 :thumb82756106: Dotted by manitu Luana Viessa by vinnyvieira bows by rev-Jesse-C Uptown Gwen by raynaliz Take It With A Grain of Salt.. by raynaliz Balloons and Roller Skates by raynaliz :thumb71513639: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This. by raynaliz Where the Rainbow Lives by plaxx Let Me Down Easy by Jules1983 Love Infusion by Jules1983 jolie inside by pamunkaze Mechapuff by Ederoi DIZ ON fire by pamunkaze :thumb105795519: The Eye by Kim-Kiyaa :thumb41765231: just fly .. . by osako Little Red? by blinktastic Colors more.. by FRkstudio :thumb64661532: Rack em' Up by rjonesdesign The Resting Hand by rjonesdesign Sweet Love by multielementmage :thumb63332855: JUSSTAnotherHalloweenVector by rjonesdesign Ephourita by Rockfield KarolinaX by Xelenne Adriana by Xelenne SCREAM by Xelenne Aca se habla Espaniol by Xelenne Lady Butterfly by Xelenne Salma by AstridT Chris Martin 1 by pixellorac Part Time by Xelenne Elves Forest by Xelenne CRAZY FOR VECTOR II by AtixVector Bonbon by AstridT Let Loose by BeBeachy The Frog Prince 1 by pixellorac Warm My Heart by ChewedKandi Can't Keep Me Silent by ChewedKandi Beautiful by ChewedKandi :thumb47241674: Where'd you go by m0nobody no tittle by m0nobody Twisted girl by Uniquedee Time by Uniquedee Silly by AndersonMathias Heloisa Brites by AndersonMathias Audrey Tautou by AndersonMathias Contemplate Scrutiny by AndersonMathias Are you feeling blue? by AndersonMathias Summertime by afrikika Violet Rush by afrikika Chocolate Love by afrikika :thumb33480664: :thumb35274531: :thumb53072497: Suicide Blonde by ChewedKandi Death Whispered a Lullaby by somesoul :thumb49900770: avril april kwiecien by m0nobody Just another by Uniquedee Crimson - larafairie by AndersonMathias Stuffbox by sunsE The Best Damn Thing by afrikika :thumb35585655: morango by gdvectors angelic face vexel by gdvectors the smile of arlequin by gdvectors Soraya Oliver vexel by gdvectors sarah coelho by gdvectors carmel vexel by gdvectors IN YOUR EYES by gdvectors My 1st vexel by msLana


A quick guide to vexeling by SanityP Crash's Vexel Tutorial by crashcars Vexel Tutorial by Achatina fast and easy vexel tutorial by ronaldesign Basic Vexel Tutorial by kuschelirmel-stock My Vexel Tutorial by fabulosity easy vexel by mathmagic Vexel Tutorial - Hair by VAngelLJ :thumb37413916: :thumb38531790: :thumb83140660: :thumb48342252: :thumb48342578: :thumb92749860: :thumb22403733: :thumb49517781: :thumb66389894: :thumb23224018: :thumb26449207: :thumb75759309: :thumb26534736:


:thumb55053803: :thumb59703541: :thumb60366676: :thumb55262766:
:thumb63341838: :thumb66929489: :thumb80428350: :thumb60716951: :thumb96785894: :thumb12239611: :thumb25579305: :thumb35195609: :thumb10536301: :thumb8648166: :thumb12625273: :thumb21844113: :thumb23347712: :thumb29604491: :thumb30316006: :thumb33232278: :thumb39167380: :thumb56958138: :thumb54182827: :thumb62269478: :thumb67972535: :thumb93068570: :thumb90601983: :thumb99433480: :thumb104710851: :thumb55954740: :thumb93001095: :thumb41685469: :thumb59722359: :thumb62319694: :thumb73818605: :thumb73602645: :thumb72419774: :thumb91362367: :thumb93250698: :thumb20610192: :thumb52867727: :thumb39114768: :thumb51057752: :thumb57780309: :thumb74233448: :thumb77104522: :thumb84603754: :thumb67987721: :thumb38381874: :thumb11548242: :thumb41632908: :thumb23690772: :thumb12483990: :thumb53437244: :thumb55137239: :thumb78270314: :thumb89084584: :thumb87721771: :thumb87850385: :thumb94532156: :thumb95579506: :thumb95579380: :thumb97814451: :thumb97814907: :thumb101235942: :thumb101277941: :thumb101277260: :thumb103820189: :thumb82636988: :thumb97108039: :thumb78376185: :thumb79422481: :thumb95144787: :thumb54354599: :thumb58511801: :thumb64694626: :thumb67298909: :thumb77816965: :thumb90709592: :thumb99409808: :thumb78841259: :thumb74282176: :thumb78408265: :thumb77758912: :thumb80514048: :thumb93867211: :thumb49838836: :thumb49162017: :thumb69565906: :thumb64135068: :thumb63437221: :thumb102952529: :thumb30493177: :thumb31195831: :thumb35647887: :thumb54739899: :thumb42428761: :thumb27938877: :thumb28849149: :thumb32811159: :thumb35219987: :thumb72657738: :thumb60997466: :thumb69602324: :thumb75505043: :thumb71844264: :thumb76867619: :thumb95185555: :thumb100075509: :thumb856131: :thumb6459868: :thumb19134659: :thumb52432540: :thumb25544852: :thumb68217344: :thumb43503945: :thumb61873057: :thumb64489182: :thumb80993231: :thumb63745338: :thumb105748177: :thumb44937003: :thumb48202639: :thumb66255923: :thumb75466889: :thumb89351582: :thumb97175748: :thumb29358271: :thumb74379978: :thumb76674157: :thumb47502897: :thumb53983998: :thumb75881214: :thumb43600901: :thumb40012338: :thumb44441105: :thumb47803172: :thumb47306495: :thumb52365481: :thumb95692555:


:thumb54004638: :thumb52830091: :thumb68833366: :thumb91818217: :thumb60155458: :thumb60155458: :thumb73521731: :thumb5204066: :thumb18008695: :thumb36970141: :thumb68269345: :thumb73522063:
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rosychan Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
Holy crap, I haven't logged this account in months and find a note in my box about this

Thanks for the feature lovely

millybear Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
What's the differnce between vector and vexel works? i thought they were the same thing... !?

elnekodesu Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009
thank you, mmm i've got inspired, i'll try to make a vexel
rockterguys Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
hi friend can u help me please ............................... i having my friend photo but there is water park please make me ya vector and give....................please
Ederoi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature! These are great pieces! :)
akirichan Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008
Wow, thanks so much! This is a beautiful collection.
Katala Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2008
thanks so much for the feature and amazing article
Chiloen Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2008
realy great feature..:heart:
Meduriyoungster Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008
amazing vexel n vector feature!!

I Like it n thank you for featuring my pinkayumi!!
hoom Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
i love it.......very nice..... :)
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