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October 17, 2009


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Amazing Creations From Amazing Stock

Here you will find some of the best stock found on DeviantART and some of the best creations made or referenced from that stock!

News Stamp by pincel3dGood news by ReallyDeadThing
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Love BloodAppleKiss Stamp by BloodAppleKiss


TwiggXstock also known as TwiggX is 19 years old and she is from Swedan. Her stunning hair colors and beautiful face make her stand out from many other ordinary stock photos found here on DA. Many many MANY deviants have used her stock! Her stock account has only been open for 11 months and already she has over 200,000 views! Here are just a few of her great stock photos!

Blue 2 by TwiggXstock :thumb102903411: :thumb102906395: :thumb102981958: Cyber 1 by TwiggXstock :thumb102981504: Headphones 1 by TwiggXstock TwiggX by TwiggXstock Winter 5 by TwiggXstock Swan by TwiggXstock Dreads 1 by TwiggXstock SS by TwiggXstock Butterflies by TwiggXstock Headphones pack by TwiggXstock Bewildered by TwiggXstock playful by TwiggXstock

You can find more here -->…

Artists Creations From TwiggXstock Stock

Come Back To Me by BloodAppleKissLolliPOP Lust by BloodAppleKiss iCon - Pop Art by MegapixelDesign Dreads Head by FairyAshes :thumb139512449: Geisha Headphones by pinkbutterflyofdeath :thumb138752129: Incredulous by gallyko o0 fushia 0o by Kenu Sound... by lilyamb :thumb136603956: Electra by VisualPoetress catch a shooting star by ElectronicRainbow Once upon a morning sun. by atumbleweed Sweet music by faye3d Aura by Bgoos Listen by Sugargrl14 Her Pets by GypsyH :thumb107896450: Blue melody II by Basistka Blue melody by Basistka Blue by Arsinoes color-experiment 2 by Togusa76 :thumb132121811: Viva La Mouche by ChewedKandi .::TwiggX::. by kidy-kat Practice Face by DeliriumsFishes1327 Madness by Morgasmic Tuning In by wiccimm Blue devil by Luisch125 Blue Girl by Gabriel14 people faces 1 by One-With-No-Color Tragedy by TheDarkRayne Ohio is for lovers by shebid :thumb112782941: :thumb107992323: :thumb106434355: :thumb104466535: :thumb104251518: blue by fridgexcore Techniques Study 1 by fantasy-alive Smells Like Snow by Jules1983 Eirawen WIP Stage 2 by twistedkitsune Glittergloss by Gigivana

You can find more here -->…


Beach-Bunny provides punk rock stock that is awesome and deserves more recognition! Beach-Bunny 17 years old and from Canada. She has been apart of the DA community for 4 years! She is mostly known for her punk rock female portraits but has alot of full body shots and other things too and with over 600 photos to choose from!

:thumb131897587: :thumb131897639: :thumb119951976: :thumb120069185: :thumb119950574: :thumb119949810: :thumb114194816: :thumb114194837: :thumb114194867: :thumb114188443: :thumb100569092: :thumb100568916: :thumb89961128: :thumb89960972: :thumb84176739: :thumb76659203: :thumb76659003: :thumb67186141: :thumb67185503: :thumb61519930: :thumb60389520: :thumb60380736: :thumb52253323: :thumb51740783: :thumb46244207: :thumb44970181: :thumb43547240:

You can find more here -->…

Artists Creations From Beach-Bunny Stock

:thumb98842238: Ruby by jesidangerously extrude yourself 2 by inde-blokcrew :thumb48957186: Here in Your Arms. by partnazNkrime DONE- A Glass Of Crimson Milk by murdermindy You Were in for a Breakdown by johnclark80 neon headache by ElectronicRainbow Girl Beach-Bunny by AMoN-KiKiiLL Girl with Flower by fiddlefox Hopkins gets some culture. by GothicSky Request- CombatRaccoon by Bankasha Misfit con causa. by ohparapraxia ...the right kind of torture.. by 3BY9 S U R R E N D E R by nightXkitten Phantasmagoria. by foreverinadream Nature by ElectronicRainbow Camille by DanielaUhlig Poulette'style by welsix

You can find more here -->…


intergalacticstock (Kristina) has over 900 stock photos in her gallery. She is a 21 year old georgus girl who lives in the USA! Her gallery hold a wide variety of stock from portraits to themed to casual full body shots. Many Deviants have used her stock in very creative ways over the past 3 years of her stock account being in business! Here are just a few!

Hanging Around 9 by intergalacticstock Hanging Around 4 by intergalacticstock Listless 3 by intergalacticstock Wistful 3 by intergalacticstock Wanderer 16 by intergalacticstock Sightless 7 by intergalacticstock Sightless 4 by intergalacticstock Turtleneck 1 by intergalacticstock Moaning Myrtle 10 by intergalacticstock Draco and Ginny 8 by intergalacticstock :thumb59813198: Longing 5 by intergalacticstock Longing 6 by intergalacticstock So Carefree 9 by intergalacticstock Gypsy 4 by intergalacticstock What a Sneak 5 by intergalacticstock The Photographer 1 by intergalacticstock The Model 2 by intergalacticstock I'm Waiting 9 by intergalacticstock Bubblicious 8 by intergalacticstock Bubblicious 2 by intergalacticstock Nancy Drew 9 by intergalacticstock Bright Idea 1 by intergalacticstock Float Away 2 by intergalacticstock 99 Red Balloons 15 by intergalacticstock :thumb47234166: Pretty in Pink 19 by intergalacticstock Pretty in Pink 13 by intergalacticstock

You can find more here --> intergalacticstock.deviantart.…

Artists Creations From intergalacticstock Stock

Walking With Strangers by BloodAppleKissOrdinary Day by BloodAppleKiss Darling, Be Here by cellodrone Hold on to my heart by Shadows-Of-Beauty Bubblicious by the2slayers :thumb124836574: When It Rains In My Dreams by RafkinsWarning Drink Me Version 2 by asunder Waiting for the Fate of Lanval by singovermyradio Love is Noise by garf600 O by mondkalb :thumb110316653: Arizona blues by jesidangerously Summer time by Artist-in-Despair Hind And No Seek by hatefueled .in censor we trust by Punknroll :thumb103853220: Dream. by Hanneah :thumb82629719: Time Is Forever Fleeting by damaskangel lady justice by nemorosus Thank You Angel by KerriAnnCrau :thumb51061778: So colorful by Pando1 Balloon by e-liss Bubblicious Wallpaper by dreaming-star Little Fairy by hypnosiis Depeche Model by EvilFrogo Inseperable by jane-mirage My Enchanted Forest by DWilsonArtCreations Pirate and Prisoner by pepperw :thumb49414726: dreaming of balloonia by DoNotAttempt Speaking with the Snakes by MissLittlewood Rain. by Zargap She Happened Upon It by beanhugger Gentle by damedemort Rainy Day by Fusious

You can find more here --> intergalacticstock.deviantart.…


Also known as The1stGrape is a 17 year old from Romania. Her stock account has only been open for 8 months and is already getting alot of response! Her spunky and adorable stock photos have a tendency to grab everyone's attention! Here are just a few!

:thumb139704060: :thumb137417854: :thumb137548481: :thumb137894037: :thumb138091569: :thumb135757075: :thumb135167338: :thumb130716960: :thumb127185184: :thumb118346957: :thumb113569395: :thumb112748143:

You can find more here --> the1stgrape-stock.deviantart.c…

Artists Creations From The1stGrape-stock Stock

Jealousy by BloodAppleKiss Cute Girls-2 by donvito62 Grape Makeover 2 by LadyTre :thumb136477294: something lately by deftbeat :thumb134417576: :thumb127149529: The1stGrape by Frasefo nothing really by deftbeat :thumb117278291: Pride by JessicaRowe

You can find more here --> the1stgrape-stock.deviantart.c…


Tattoo III by yellow-stock Tattoo II by yellow-stock Insomnia by yellow-stock Sin by yellow-stock Contrast by yellow-stock Candy by yellow-stock Turn Silent by yellow-stock Littly Miss Moody by yellow-stock OMG... II by yellow-stock What the Hell? by yellow-stock OMG... I by yellow-stock Together 02 by yellow-stock Selma_031 by yellow-stock

You can find more here -->…

Artists Creations From yellow-stock Stock

CODEPENDENT by BloodAppleKiss Gagged by payno0 :thumb119236529: imagination debordante by xmartx Aneurysm by jam-bad Say hello to my new friend. by nadhrah94 Head in the clouds by Trancelastion The Box by chjk :thumb83888042: The Truth Can Be Brutal by StolenStars SHUT UP WALLPAPER by riftsurround Rain b OH by ministerofevil Hanasu Manip by Hanasu :thumb74017175: S e e k by xxxrxxx pocky by Socialdbum lines.1 by baker2D freedom by TheCharles A study by 10grams spring by PaniWoda shut up by mariyanikiforova Be Still by Pimpstress22 So long? by Angel00Paige BloodAppleKiss Stock -Face WIP by BloodAppleKiss Candy Crave by heymaudz And you were all yellow.. by p00pstr34ks

You can find more here -->…


Yes yes, I have some stock as well and would love for more people to use it! I have yet to make a separate stock account so most people don't know about my stock so here are some for you all to view!

BloodAppleKiss - Stock Sept09 by BloodAppleKiss BloodAppleKiss Stock 20094 by BloodAppleKiss BloodAppleKiss Stock 20092 by BloodAppleKiss BloodAppleKiss Stock 20093 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 8 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 13 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 12 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 7 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 1 by BloodAppleKiss BloodAppleKiss Stock -Face WIP by BloodAppleKiss :thumb109946191: Stock 17 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 22 by BloodAppleKiss Stock 23 by BloodAppleKiss

You can find more of my crappy stock here -->…

What I Have Created From Stock

Come Back To Me by BloodAppleKiss Warm Whispers by BloodAppleKiss Jealousy by BloodAppleKiss CrushCrushCrush Updated by BloodAppleKiss Walking With Strangers by BloodAppleKiss Addiction by BloodAppleKiss LoliRot by BloodAppleKiss LolliPOP Lust by BloodAppleKiss Ordinary Day by BloodAppleKiss Laughter by BloodAppleKiss CODEPENDENT by BloodAppleKiss Frost by BloodAppleKiss

Thanks for viewing!
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